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Website Development

Have a design you want to be made into a fully functioning website? We can hook you up! Static or dynamic, responsive or not, we're the people for the job!

Custom WordPress

Interested in getting your site converted to a WordPress site? We can handle that transition for you!

Website Maintenance

From weekly theme/plugin/WP updates to swapping out images and text, ask us about our Website Maintenance packages!

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Since 2016

Bringing your business to the forefront!

From design to development Lanc Web Dev will be by your side until the very end. Providing quality services at affordable pricing, Lanc Web Dev works hand in hand with the client to ensure the final product is exactly what it is expected to be.

Throughout the process, we will keep in constant communication with the client to make sure each step towards the end goal goes smooth and all bases are covered.

Throughout the course of a project, we strive to build a lasting relationship with all of our clients. We always have an "open door" policy. If there are ANY questions at all, or you need to change something, don't fear about contacting us. We'll always be there for you.


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